U24app. The smart triage on the patient's hand

Emergencies’ centres next to you?

If you need to go to emergencies, you should asses your status and if it is not a very serious problem, U24app recommends you to visit a closest CUAP (Primary Care Centre of Emergency)

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Do you know about Primary Care Centres of Emergencies (CUAP)?

The public health system in the city of Barcelona establishes different resources and routes to respond the demand for immediate citizens’ attention. This demand is classified taking into account the severinity and responds depending the necessities of each one (from situations that implies vital risk to minor emergencies).

Urgent care is carried out by the primary (CUAP) and hospital care devices, as well as, through the telephone number 061 “CatSalut Respon”, which is an emergency service that is available to all the Catalan territory 24/7.

The system has five levels of classification, taking into account the gravity of the patient.

The problem

After analysing the data extracted from the 2015 Catalan’s Health Institute report, it was verified that 63% of the emergencies attended in one of the referral hospitals had been level IV or V (these can be treated in a primary emergency device).

The high percentage of cases can clarify many of the situations of vivid collapse in the centres in the last years, as well as to respond to the waste of resources (economic and human) derived from this situation, since the emergencies treated in a hospital have more economic impact than if they are treated in a CUAP. Likewise, hospital professionals waste their effort and knowledge instead of using that effort towards more critical and justified needs

In summary, the economic and quality of care for the users of the system and the health and non-health professionals who suffer from this situation. But not of their own volition, but because there is no transfer of communication of the information in real time on the state of the centres, which allows the user of the emergency services to participating and channelling the flow towards more efficient devices such as CUAP and getting decongest the health system to improve care for urgent patients who should be taken care of in time and quality in hospitals, health care devices with more complex emergency services. Source

Patient’s actual circuit in the emergencies’ process

Possible route if U24app was used

U24app: a tool that provides a better quality of assistance to people and helps the CUAP professionals and it would optimize an efficient management of the resources.

The objective of U24app

U24app wants to help the citizen with an understandable triage selection that suggest that is the most suitable care device due to your emergency. Also, it would help you access the services’ portfolio of the centre suggested and information on the delay time, so that you can also book appointment from the mobile in the selected care device.

Who are U24app?

U24app is a team composed of 5 professionals trained in different disciplines (psychiatry, nursing, multimedia and optometry), who crossed paths while attending the 2nd edition of the eHealth Master of La Salle. During this adventurous year, they showed a restless talent and exploring mood, enjoying the classes and the company of the rest of classmates. They presented their project in conferences like Xpatient, RDI Vic y AIFiCC.

Amanda Ferrer Barberà

Graduated in Nursing, she develops her professional activity in the Hospital University of Valle Hebrón, where she has been accumulated a few years of experience in the emergency department. All these years in the first line of care have provided a vision and knowledge of one of the main problems affecting Spanish public health. Co-founder of U24app

Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga

Doctor in Psychiatry in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), also he works as an associate professor of the Faculty of Medicine in the UAB. He studied Master eHealth in LaSalle, Ramon Llull University.

Nowadays, Dr. Ramos-Quiroga is Head of the Psychiatry Service in Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, where he has been working as a caregiver, teacher, and researcher since 2001. He stayed at the Internetpsykiatri of the Karolinska Institutet. Co-Founder of U24app. Since 2016, he is president of the Innovation Commission of the Hospital Vall Hebron.

José Fernandez Salas

Jose Fernandez is an optometrist, for more than 20 years he has been developed his professional career in patient care in ophthalmology clinics. It has always been at the forefront of innovations in clinical and surgical ophthalmology using these experiences to increase the patients’ utility. In his professional development highlights the refractive implant branch of the optics and ophthalmology, working from the beginnings with laser surgery of last generation and in the evolution of multifocal intraocular lenses, as well as in pre-crystalline lenses. He participated in numerous training courses and he has been a pioneer in the implantation of lenses to monitor intraocular pressure, adapting in 2011 the first contact lens for this use in the Spanish state. In 2015, he completed the eHealth Master's degree in La Salle Barcelona (Universitat Ramón Llull) and in 2016 he starts a new career as an Area Manager in a surgical ophthalmology company.

Rubén Gonzalez Iribarne

Qualified nurse, he works in the “Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau” in the area of trauma since 2008. On the other hand, he expanded his knowledge by graduating from “International Business Economics” (UPF) and making a “Master of e-Health” in “La Salle, Barcelona” (Universitat Ramon Llull).

Due to his knowledge and his laboral experience, he carries a vision of the problem from the point of view of the “Xarxa Hospitalària Universitària Pública” (XHUP) and from an economic perspective. Turning into the youngest U24app ‘s co-founder.